Dear Sir or Madam,

Since the outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19) we have been using a strict protocol within ADEX. This to ensure that we keep our workforce healthy.

Sticking to this protocol has resulted in a healthy workforce that is on the same level as before the outbreak. Capacity is back on the level that we are used to.

This gives us breathing room and space for new orders. Adex has still sufficient raw material and tools available to ensure the production. So for this we foresee no problems for the future.

The current protocol stays in force untill we find it save to either partially or completely lift it.

The protocol is:

*For all our employees and visitors we have a protocol in place, which includes rules of conduct such as increased attention to hygiene rules and avoidance of crowds. This protocol is regularly updates as the situation changes.

*Handshaking as way of greeting will not be done as part of the precautions

*Business trips from Adex employees will be postponed until further notice.

*Visits from suppliers or customers will be kept to an absolute minimum. We prefer to contact our suppliers/customers by alternative means (Skype, Phone, Email) until further notice.

*For deliveries and pickups we have protocol that should be taken into account.

Stay healthy and stay safe!


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