Adex designs and manufactures high grade extrusion dies for the aluminium industries. For more than 40 years our dies have served the automotive, transport, train, construction and aerospace industry, worldwide. Our innovative team of engineers and professionals deliver top-quality custom made dies varying from Ø 70 mm (2,5”)  up to Ø1100 mm (43”). These dies enable our customers to manufacture good profiles for a competitive price.

If it’s about dies, we can do it.

Adex Technologies

We are experts and developers of technologies for extrusion companies. Every die technology has specific applications and benefits. These include:

  1. Spreading technology to enhance your press capabilities
  2. Shrink ring technology to increase the die stability
  3. Stone technology to improve the load distribution for flat dies
  4. Adex “specials” for complex die designs. With Adex technologies you will get the most out of your equipment and the ability to manufacture in the most effective way.

Your benefits

We develop dies in close cooperation with you. We have a common goal, to have an optimal extrusion process. For this reason we developed the unique Adex Technologies resulting in the following: 

  1. Enhancing press capabilities
  2. Significantly increasing the die stability
  3. Longer die life
  4. Reducing the number of trial runs, hence loss of time, thus cost reducting.

Adex, benefits through technology.

Since 1977