Step 2:

Starting on the base

Using the right steel is key when producing dies. At our turning department the first steps in the productionprocess are made. The base of the die is made. Making sure that every millimeter of steel is used to the fullest.


As soon as the design of the die is fixed (mostly after approval of the customer) the production can start. Using the right steel makes the difference when it comes to our dies. We use German steel to produce our dies. 

The steel is turned to the specific shape/dimension that is determined by the press of the customer. We always try to reduce the turning operation by looking critically at the design. Every millimeter that is not really needed in the design will save a lot of material on a yearly base and reducing the die costs. Looking an extra five minutes to the design could make the difference.

The disc is turned in such a way that it can be machined afterwards with minimum material that needs to be milled away. So nothing unnecessary will be left in the disc.The discs are in ‘soft’ condition so it will make the machining on it easier.


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