Curtainwall technology

Curtainwall technology by Adex (July 7th, 2020)


What does the ultimate curtainwall look like? We asked ourself that question and came up with a lot of answeres. It should be simple, it should be cheap, it should be stable, etc. However the most important thing about the ultimate curtainwall is that it should be what the customer expects it to be. Without limitations. So at Adex we have come up with the "Curtainwall technology". This enables you the get the curtainwall just the way that is was designed.


 At Adex we have been producing dies for curtainwalls for some time. But what is the advantage of choosing for an Adex die?


 We have summarized the benefits for you:

  •  Maximum usage of the press opening. Thanks to the Adex spreading technology you are able to press every curtainwall that fits the press opening. Thus making it possible to quote all of the profiles in that project tender. You only have to worry that the profile will fit the press opening. Adex will take care of design a tool for it.
  •  Small details in the profile. Putting small details (chambers or threads) in the profile is often a point that will be heavily discussed. Especially when these details are outside of the container/billet. For Adex this is not a problem. We can produce dies with details that are located on the edge of the die. Giving the customer the maximum freedom of design.
  • Dimensional stability. A wide profile often becomes unstable during extrusion. A addition wall is mostly added to create stabilty. This could result in a heavier profile and increasing the possibility of die lines in the profile. At Adex we have been mastering the art of stability. Therefore (mostly) no extra wall is needed to make sure that the profile comes out as it was thought.
  • Minimized die-lines. Especially for profiles that are anodised die lines are something that will cause rejection of profiles. Thanks to our clever design we have been able to minimize the die-lines in the profile.
  • Compact design. Thanks to the integrated spreading Adex curtainwall dies are compact thus saving on die costs and scrap during production.

So for the next time you are thinking about a curtainwall, think about Adex!