Railway technology

Railway technology by Adex (September 7th, 2020)


A Railway profile needs to be perfect. It should last for a long time making sure that the passengers safely arrive at the destination. A lot of aspects are integrated in one 'simple' profile. At Adex we have been designing and producing Railway dies for 40+ years. So we know what to do when it comes to producing these kind of dies. With the capabilities of producing dies from 70mm up 1.100mm we can even provide dies for the biggest presses in the world.


The Adex railway technology brings following benefits:

  • Maximum spreading. Thanks to the 'think outside the billet' philosophy and combining this with our shrink ring technology or stone technology the only limitation you have is the pressopening.  If the profile fits the press opening we can make a die for it. Proven Adex spreading technology enables you the press profiles that are way outside of the container dimensions. In this way you can make 100% use of your press cababilites.
  • Complex shapes. Thanks to our 40+ years of experience we have been able to produce dies for even the most complex shapes. In this way creating room for the customer to make his optimal design. Light profiles mostly have complicated designs that requires a lot of know-how. Adex has proven itself over the years that we are able to get the job done.
  • Virtual check. With simulation we can check the design so a first trail can be avoided. During the simulation critical points in the profile can be looked after and solved before the die is even produced. The initial trail at the customer can be avoided and the first correction (if needed) is done before the die is delivered. Thus saving time and money at the customer. The simulation technology can also be used to indicate the transversal seam and the material structure which is important for the friction steer welding.
  • Scrap reduction. The intergrated spreading from Adex results in a shorter transversal seam in the profile. Thus producing more effective meters per billet.

So for the next time you are thinking about a railway profile, think about Adex!