Step 7:

Finishing the die

After the dies have been milled and eroded to the final dimensions the dies need to be finished. Polishing the dies until the smooth and easy running surface is met. A job that is done with dental like tools to get the best result.


After the final milling and/or eroding step the tool needs to be finished. This is a very sensitive job that requires a steady hand from the workers. Finishing does not only mean that the die is polished. During this step the areas that are unreachable by machine can be done by hand. The specialists smoothen the rough areas after the final steps and make sure that the die lives up to the expectation from the drawing. The tools that are used differ from bigger hand tools up to dentist like mini drills to reach the smallest places in the die.

As soon as the die is finished the different parts of the die (core, leadplate, backer, etc.) are send to the last step.


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