Software is becoming a more integrated part of our lives. More and more is done by software before
it’s put in practice. ADEX has now joined this ‘movement’. By acquiring a dedicated 3D-software we
are now able to simulate the extrusion process byte for byte. The software enables us to see if the
proposed design works. But is also helps the customer in showing where heat stripes may occur or
even how big the billet transition will be and another plus is the possibility to simulate several blocks
being pressed (Front-end/back-end).

3dsoftware ADEX qform 

By simulating ADEX is now able to already know upfront what will happen during the extrusion
process before the tool even arrives at the customer. Making it possible to reduce the number of
trails. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like more information!

Video about aluminium extrusion in combination with Adex spreading technology

video about production of aluminium extrusion dies at adex