Preheating of a die is an essential factor of extrusion. When a die has had to little heat it could tear. Through different factors the temperature of the die could fall. On the basis of the color tabels below, it is possible to track down which temperature (circa) the die has had.

The extruder determines the temperature through knowledge and experience. Besides, some alloys provide the extruder to play with temperature during the extrusion process.

Our extrusion dies are made of (hot tool/work) steel. Steel is an alloy between iron and a limited carbon content(max 2%). There are more than 2300 species with different properties. It depends on the amount of carbon if the steel is more stiff/harsh, strong and bendable. A higher carbon content will lead to stiffer, but more breakable steel. A lower carbon content will lead to stronger, but more bendable steel. Below you will find a simplistic explanation of the steel production process.

Aluminium, the third most abundant element in Earth’s crust. Aluminium is a chemical element (symbol Al) and it is a ductile metal in the boron group. In this article we inform you about the benefits of aluminium and aluminium series.